Swapaanam Review

Swapaanam review

Swapaanam from the acclaimed director Shaji N karun, is an emotional drama of a percussion (Chenda) artist. Swaapnam can be termed as a patient and profound narration into the lives of an artist and his emotional torment which deals with both love and the art.

The story is all about a percussionist who frenzied between the search of love and the passion for his art. Shaji N Karun bring Swaapanam with a mix of fate, passion, love and the violence in an intense narration.

The film talk about Unnikrishnan (Jayaram), a talented artist who confused in search of his true identity. Unni marries Kalyani (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy), who dislike Unni’s addiction for his art , which results in a horrible married life. When he touches his partner his fingers taps as he plays his Chenda.

As we seen in most of Shaji N karun’s films, here to0 we have an extra material affair, with a flawed married life Unni finds his relief in  Nalini (Kadambari), while the initial respect for the profession turns an affair with in them. However thing doesn’t go well there too. Nalini’s brother Narayanan Namboothiri (Siddique) catches them . We find Unni become an alcohol addict  and  leaving his profession behind. At the end finding himself in a haven.

The main character is often thrown into the extreme conflicts between his mother, his wife, his guru (Teacher) and even his lover. And he ends up in an emotional condition where he just wanted to escape from his life.

The director has given a good classy look to the film though some of the dialogues which churns out  are too philosophical, that did make Unni – Nalini love saga bit uncomfortable.

Coming to the acting, Unnikrishnan is Jayaram’s best role in a while. The actor himself an aspirant percussionist , is done his best to enact the emotional turmoil of the character. And tell you what, he brings the realism in to the character of Unni, and Shaji N Karun can’t imagine anyone other than Jayaram to do this role.

Siddique Vividly performed his role as the brother (Narayanan Namboothiri ) of Nalini, once again proves, what a terrific actor he is. After Drishyam this is another role which will respect the brilliant actor in him. Vineeth’s effeminate character as the husband of Nalini is well received.

Kadambari  (an Odisi Dancer herself ) as Nalini brings another strong female character with , as we have witnessed in Shaji N Karun’s most of the movies. Srinda Ashab, Sajitha Madathil, Indrans, Sreekumar, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy done their part convincingly.

The songs from Sreevalsan Menon, the cinematography from Saji Nair, editing from Sreekar Prasad and the art from does bring a fresh mood to this intense narration.

Though the film does have similarities in the plot to Shaji N Karun’s previous master pieces, the film should be appreciated for its classic theme, and some terrific performances.

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