Jilla Review

Jilla Movie Review

[dropcap size=big]J[/dropcap]illa, directed by Neason, put his faith on the characters more than the story. Undoubtedly the combo of Vijay and Mohanlal made this film worth its hype. Jilla pure mass entertainer will not have much in the story, however the cast and a good direction makes Jilla a film to watch out.

Film starts with the story of Shiva (Mohanlal), who grows into the power of Madurai. And he adopts his servants son Shakthi (Vijay), after Shakthi’s father gave his life to save Shiva and his family, killed by a police man. Since then Shiv treated him as his son.

While Shiva grown up his revenge against the police, who killed his father also increased. Later he makes his son  to become a Police officer. With some suspense filled events what happens to their relations and how both father and son together controls the city forms the core of the film.

The first half prove to be the best of the lot with some family emotions, and Shiv and Shakthi’s relationshiip, Shiva’s romantic life with Kajal Aggerwal, with some fine one liners from Soori.

The characterization of both Mohanlal and Vijay is the powerful factor in Jilla, and their combination scenes are the best of the lot in Jilla. Same time the character of Kajal Aggerwal is limited to few songs and romantic number.

On the acting from Mohanlal excelled as Shakthi, the badass character and his entirely different looks stand out, when ever he is on the screen. On the other hand Vijay as usual looks cool with his actions and comical timings. Sampath, Mahat, Poornima too put up a great efforts in the movie.

On the negative side, the story wasn’t that strong, also the unwanted song sequence in the second half also spoil the good run. If the second half was a half an hour shorter the film could have done wonders.

The technical aspects, especially Ganesh Rajavelu’s frames and a terrific BGM and music from D. Imman looks good in Jilla. Neason’s direction looked good, however the way he managed the screen space of both Mohanlal and Vijay is commendable, sure to satisfy both their fans.

Finally Jilla is purely for the fans, nothing new in story line. However Mohanlal – Vijay combo perfromance surely worth your money. Give it a try for this Mass Entertainer.



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  1. Waste film. Veeram is good. Ajith Anna …

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