Drishyam Review

Drishyam Review

[dropcap size=big]J[/dropcap]ithu Joseph’s latest offering “Drishyam” is a true film in all sense, a perfect thriller in the background of a village, without a doubt, Drishyam is one of the  best film to come out in Malayalam films in recent times.

Drishyam will take the audience to an another level of cinematic experience, where each turn of events will take us by surprise. And Mohanlal rediscover his actor in him through one of the best performance of the year. To be frank this is a performance, or a movie we all might have waited to get from an actor like Mohanlal.

Drishyam concentrates on a normal man and his efforts to keep his family steady, with some breathtaking turn of events makes Drishyam a wonderful craft of film making. And without a doubt Jithu Joseph previously with Memories and now with Drishyam raised the bar of Malayalam films once again. And it gives him a challenging days ahead to make another perfect movie.

Georgekutty acable operator in a village who always tries to make his small family of his wife  Rani (Meena) and his daughters Anju (Ansiba) and Anu (Esther). However entry of Varun (Roshan) into their family put their happy lives under threat. The desperate Georgekutty’s attempt to over come those issues forms the core of a griping tale.

Of course some of the turn of events looks imaginary, however it is the success of Jithu Joseph who makes us believe that those are real while watching Drishyam.

Mohanlal is easily the best actor of the year with the performance in Drishyam, and the man who makes us to believe in the character of George Kutty. And praises should also goes to Meena, who made a come back with a strong character and equally a strong performance. And I should tell a perfect casting. Kalbhavan Shajon, Asha Sarath along with Ansiba , Esther and Roshan gives a solid performance in Drishyam.

On the technical front Sujith Vasudev’s magical visuals speaks for itself and indeed gives much more depth. And Anil Johnson and Vinu Thomas came up with some soothing music and clever back ground score.

Finally Drishyam has a clever and strong story, which perfect crafted , brilliantly shot, breath takingly acted to get us a never before cinematic experience. And it indeed shows that Malayalam film’s future is in safe hands in coming years too. Happy New Year.



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