North 24 Kaatham Review

North 24 Kaatham review

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]nil Radakrishnan’s directorial debut North 24 Kaatham is a brilliant film in all aspects. With a genuine screenplay, a perfect direction, a fresh theme with some great performance from the cast, leaves no stone un-turned. The unpredictable incidents come across three different persons, who happened to come together during the course of a day has been told with enough surprises and light moments.

One thing which attracted me the most was the build up, and long before the real plot unveils we get a clear picture for the characters. The flow in North 24 Kaatham is so good, that there is hardly any place which confuses the audience. A road movie which got a good look at current social affairs.

Film has Hari Krishnan (Fahad Faasil), an IT professional who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. In his office no one understands him because of the syndrome and his actions. On a hrathaal day while travelling for a conference, he ends up caught in the midst of strike with two other fellow travelers, Narayani (Swathi Reddy), social worker and a comrade Gopalettan (Nedumudi Venu).

The odds they faced during the strike day, and the over hygienic Hari Krishnan’s mannerisms surly entertains the audience. The film tries to put the characters in very different situations out of their comfortable zone. How they react to those situations are well narrated in the film.

On his debut Anil Radhakrishnan wins to draw a close look at the fate of common man during the strike day. The road movie also got plenty of situational comedies. With a flawless script in his hand, his directorial debut was nothing but a bang.

The slick editing by Dilip and frames captured by Jayesh Nair, which creates a real strike day mood through out the course of the movie,  offer a great technical aspect for North 24 Kaatham. The songs and background score from Govind Menon suits the mood really well.

Debutante director Anil Radhakrishnan with a smart writing has made this road movie thoroughly enjoyable with loads of situational humor and it has a critical look at the fate of the ordinary man on a bandh day.

Fahad Faasil, once again gets many accolades. With a fabulous act he makes Harikrishnan lives on the screen. Each small mannerisms of Hari has been made remarkable by this talented acts. Of course there is no surprise what to expect from a Fahad Faasil movie.

Nedumudi Venu, got a superb role, which respects the veteran actor’s experience after a long time, and he uses all his experience to make that a memorable one. Swathi Reddy, once again proved her metal after Amen, in a good role. She too came up with fabulous performance which matches the lead.

Finally North 24 Kaatham is a movie which is deserved to be appreciated for an intelligent story, perfect direction, amazing frames, stellar music , slick editing and superb performances.



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  1. Good to see you guys back after a long time.Great review.Please continue to do so.

  2. Good to see you guys are back again. I personally know it is not that easy for making a website and writing reviews. Hope that you guys will over come all the issues :) all d best!!

    By the way I liked Fahad in this movie.Good direction. In the second half there was some lags. The reverse journey with bit of romance was not necessary.

    • fahadikka next supr star. enthoru acting…Swathi wow nalla chntham.

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