Memories Malayalam Movie Review

Memories Malayalam Movie Review
Memories directed by Jithu Joseph is another brilliantly executed family thriller. Memories are a part of our life. What if those memories started haunting you? Both protagonist and antagonist went through some difficult eventful past. Living in their respective memories they found comfortable in two different ways, one became a serious alcoholic addict and the other waited for a revenge. A riveting script, a direction which goes beyond the script, and performances that leaves you surprised makes Memories a fantastic film.

Film talk about Sam Alex (Prithviraj) an excellent police officer, until he lost his wife (Meghna Raj) and kid in a tragedy. After that he lives with the haunting memories of that tragedy, which makes him a serious alcoholic addict. However destiny put him again on the field of investigation, where he leads the investigation about a serial crime. With some well executed twists memories reaches to a brillient climax.

The memories here not only refer to the protagonist, it also happens to be for antagonist too. And how those memories changes their lives. Both the personal life of the protagonist and the gripping suspense of the investigation perfectly executed by Jithu Joseph. The film started with an emotional drama and slowly turns into a great investigation thriller. The suspense build up and the twists towards the climax and the climax itself makes Memories a fine investigative thriller.

Jithu Joseph once again came up with a fresh idea, and towards the climax we might feel that whether it is going to the right place, however he executed it brilliantly. The direction itself was good enough to cover the minor flaws in the script. The suspense and the emotional aspects blends perfectly. I am not telling Memories is perfect, yet what we got is an amazingly executed film. Sejo John’s music, though one may doubt, whether that song was necessary at that point, it is a soothing one with the majestic voice of Vijay Yesudas.

And we should give a special mention for the background score from Anil Johnson. Who makes a big impact on the overall mood of the film. Sujith Vasudev’s camera often captures some unusual shots.

And Prithviraj, continues his wise selection of the movies of late, with the scope of performance. As a drunken cop he conveyed the pain and the wise of the officer with ease. Rahul Madhavan too came up with a good job . The heroines Meghna Raj, and Miya done their best to make their presence felt in their limited roles. The rest of the cast too came up with some good support to the lead.

Finally Memories is one of the finest thrillers in the recent times, a must watch for all thriller fans, and some enough scope for family audience too.



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  1. A very good thriller with top notch performances from all actors.
    Another good one from Jeethu Joseph

  2. Why didn’t the police asked an artist to draw Anand’s face with the help of first two wives?

  3. LUvD d Movie… is one of d best movie of dis year and 1 of the best thriller….it is a very thrilling experience……..i give it 4 out of 5

  4. My Doubts !
    How did the killer start working in the hospital which is not mentioned in the movie ?
    The first victim was hanged on a canal bridge with his hands tied. The second victim was hanged on a huge tree. And the killer is only one person. LOL … How can he do that without anyones help ?
    And the worst part is that the killing scenes are not shown on the movie.
    The killer face is only shown on the climax – ok, but not apt for a thriller i think so.
    All are saying, this is good thriller. Well, can anyone clear my doubts ?

  5. good watch for familes and youngsters

  6. .

  7. Just a correction – Music is not by Mejo Joseph, its done by Sejo John, who composed for Jeethu Joseph’s previous movies.

    • Thanks Bro. Corrected it, Sorry for the mistake.

  8. good movie

  9. a perfect movie……

  10. A perfect movie.

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