Left Right Left Malayalam Movie Review

Left Right Left Malayalam Movie Review
Left Right Left, directed by Arun Kumar Aravind and written by Murali Gopi, is a gem of a film which makes the film experience to another level, where audience feels each character and their emotions. Through the life of three characters film examines current social and political affairs. This is one film which strikes the right chords and for me it is one of those true films which lives up to the expectations and hype it created. First of all a huge appreciation for the entire team Left Right Left, for bringing a daring film which questions the social and political affairs.

When film talk about current social affairs, which had created quite a stir in our society, there are questions bound to happen. Especially when the two of the main protagonist comes from the family of communist, one who leads the party now, another who left out of the party fighting various events in his life. Yet I believe the film has a right balance in finding both positives and negatives which exist in our society as well as in our politics. More than that film rather concentrates on the hard-hitting realities in the life of the characters and the emotional turmoil the went through.

As the tag line goes, “The Revolution Is Home Made”,  the daring incidents in their child hood decides the future of each charecters. After loosing his family in dreadful events by the political attacks during his childhood, Sahadevan (Hareesh Peradi), becomes one of the most daring communist leader. Roy Joseph (Murali Gopi), before becomes a teacher, saw how his father murdered in front of him, and got attacked in collage and left with nothing but his belief to live on. A desperate young kid, who saw how injstice and mean the society and went on to become a police man with a pet name vattu Jayan (Indrajith).

In the female lead we have Jennifer (Ramya Nambeesan), who runs away from her torturing husband and finds the ray of hopes in Jayan. Anitha (Lena), lends all her support to her husband Roy, a women who has her own right and stands for her believes. After being gone through some dreadful events Deepa(Anusree), still lives in those memory. Jayan’s mother (Sethulakshmi), lives on even though she knows there is no hopes.

Left Right Left has got one of the most intelligent and flawless script from Murali Gopi, sure the amount of hard work and the research paid off. The film doesn’t have a formulaic story line, and it did break the conventional story telling and welcomes yet another fresh winds of changes. Arun Kumar Aravind did raise to compel a challenging and appealing script, and came up with his best film so far with a great narration. What make Left Right Left is more compelling is the fact that, the emotions are raw, the events are unpredictable, and there is no overly dramatic situations.

The music and background score from Gopi Sunder, takes the movie to an all another level. Shehnad Jalaal’s visuals capture the best. Editing from the director is on top. The pretty great production values leaves no stone untouched in Left Right Left.

The performance leaves you spell-bound, where Murali Gopi as Roy is spectacular. Both as a writer and as an actor, may be as a singer too, he cement his place as one of the most fresh minds in Malayalam industry to look out for. Indrajith as vattu Jayan, ones again got a golden role in his career. As expected with his amazing acting skill he becomes the integral part of Left Right Left. Definitely the find of Left Right Left will be Hareesh Peradi, as a daring communist leader he was spectacular the least.

Lena as usual brings the best out of her, Ramya Nambeesan as Jennifer too brings her role to the life. Anu Sree as a suffering woman also leaves a mark. The  performance of Sethulakshmi as the mother too deserve a special mention. The rest of the ensemble cast too came up with some great performances.

[quote]Left Right Left  is a must watch for all who love good films. Watch it,  you are going to appreciate it for its brilliance, you are going to be amused by the performance, you are going to get shocked by hard-hitting realities, you are going to thrilled by the dialogues and the twists and finally gets proud that you love films, and lucky that you got to watch this. Simply one of the best movies to come out in the recent times.[/quote]



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