Honey Bee Malayalam Movie Review

Honey Bee Malayalam Movie Review
Honey Bee directorial debut of Lal Jr (Jean Paul), targets the younger generation, and with an interesting script , on a not so fresh story, he did bring an entertaining package to its targeting audience.

And the movie may be inspired from other movies of the kind, and clearly there is nothing new in the story line, yet the package is sure to entertain the youth, and the narration of Jean Paul is appreciable and a sure asset to the upcoming young brigades in Malayalam. The performance of the entire cast is justified, and the chemistry of Asif and Bhavana too helped this flick.

We have two friends Sebastian aka Seban (Asif Ali), and Angel (Bhavana), realizing the ultimate truth that both are in love, just the day for Angel’s marriage. With the help of Abu , Ferno and Ambro, a realized Seban, run away with Angel. The rest on the screen we have some thrilling chase from Angel’s family.

There are few films in the recent past which got appreciated not for its story, but for its innovative presentation, that helped them being different from the rest of the movies having the same plot. Be it Second Show from Srinath Rajendran, or the very recent Neram from Alphonse Puthran, belongs to that group. Here too we have Lal Jr (Jean Paul) brings in a fresh narration to a story which doesn’t offer much.

The technical part of the film too should receive its due, starting from dream debut direction from Lal Jr, some outstanding frames from Alby, two excellent compositions from Deepak Dev, which suits the entire situation also the BGM, editing from too need special mention.

Coming to the performance, both Asif and Bhavana did bring a great chemistry in the story line. Asif delivered a convincing act along with Bhavana, who looked bubbly through out. Lal scored with some nice act while Archana Kavi tried her best in her limited screen space. Sreenath Bhasi proved his metal in yet another role with ease.  Baburaj, Balu Varghese all bring some good moments throughout. The rest of the cast Suresh Krishna , Staton Edward, Amith Chackalakal, Hasim and others too supported the lead.

As for negative side I can see few double meaning dialogues apart from a told story. Also I would have loved to laugh more, because there were enough situations I dint laugh where the movie was intended to. More than that for a new comer, Jean Paul Lal done an outstanding job.

Honey Bee is not a movie to take it seriously, a time pass movie which will entertain its targeted youth audience with an intelligent narration, and it won’t those who expect classic movies.



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  1. just watchable for one time

  2. nice review . if any 1 thinks that he’s the most dumbest guy in the world he’s way wrong.lal.jr’s definitely worse than him.

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