English (Malayalam) Movie Review

English (Malayalam) Movie Review
English, directed by veteran Shyamaprasad, brings yet another non linear narration which concentrates on a few people in London who live in different conditions. Finally he tried connecting all of them together. Though didn’t come to the level of his usual flicks English may not be a bad option either, with some stellar performance and the typical Syamaprasad touch will come into the rescue.

The film tells the story of Sarasu (Nadia Moidu), who lived most of her life in a foreign land, getting ready to celebrate Diwali with her husband (Murali Menon) and kids. Sankaran (Jayasurya), a Kathakali artist and illegal migrant, who works at a  restaurant , misses his lover back home very much.   Sibin (Nivin Pauly), who enjoys his time at London fall for his best friend’s (Sinu) wife (Ramya Nambeesan). Joy (Mukesh), who run a shop in London, and his relation with Mother and daughter.

There are four parallel stories being told, out of that Joy’s deep relation with his family , and Sarasu’s sorrows about being far from the homeland, and her relation to husbands strikes the cords. And climax of these two is well received and shows the real life and its tricks. The rest two may not bring anything fresh, though surely remember for some outstanding performance from the lead.

Shyamaprasad took some simple episodes which show different shades of the life, and tried best to pack it convincingly. Though his usual style of studying the emotion of each character in detail, missing in English.

The screenplay from Ajayan Venugopalan is exploring the shades of our life.  In some places, the desperate tweak to connect these characters could have been well planned. Though there are enough scenes where we appreciate the writer for his excellence. The cinematography from Udayan Ambaadi looked good, and brings some good visuals of London. The music from Rex Vijayan, suits the mood.

Finally it is the genuine performance of the cast that lift the spirit of English. Where Mukesh came up with a stellar performance in a good return role and one of the best for him. Same goes for Nadia Moidu as Saraswathy.Jayasurya, Nivin Pauly, Ramya Nambeesan along with the rest of the cast too can’t be left behind.

[quote]Finally English leaves a mark, though we won’t get to see the usual Shyamaprasad magic here, the different shades of few lives well performed by the cast.[/quote]



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