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What happens when the following task-list stares at you at some juncture of ur life and you just got one day to solve them all?
1. Repay the debt back to the crooked moneylender who is also a local Don – You miss it and you are a dead man.
2. Settle the outstanding dowry amount with your brother in law.
3. Ur GF is gonna be a prospective bride for someone else from tomorrow and all you can do is to elope.
4. You are unemployed and is finding hard to join the rat race.

Well, “Neram” is a movie made out of the above theme and revolves around the situations which push the hero to solve them all quite convincingly to sum it out to “and they lived happily ever after” ending.

The 1st half of the movie moves quite slowly while the hero narrates his philosophies and tragedies wrt point of time frame wherein he’s put into. The director although tries hard to create an enigma, we hardly feel the anxiety around the protagonist since the same things are stressed upon again and again on the screen. By the interval, the plot has hardly moved an inch and does not create much impression on the viewer. Things gain pace in the second half wherein the chase sequences well supported by the background music straight lifted from beethowen’s masterpiece and jagathy srekumar’s famous “pistha suma kira” is used – No wonder why this has gone viral in youtube.  The cinematographer and composer scores better than the rest of the crew in the chase sequences.

Around the time of climax, you get a feel of being fooled not because there is any suspense involved, but because it does not create the intensity which the buildup provided.  Too many coincidences spoil the plot and things become indigestible.  Things fall into place very easily for the protagonist and his “bad time” (cheetha neram) turns way to “good time” (nalla neram).

Among the actors, Nivin Pauly looks convincing as the hero and his friend on screen supports him well. Nasriya looks refreshing and does a fair job as the hero’s love interest. It’s cakewalk for Lalu  Alex and a Deja-vu is smelt throughout as he’s appearing as the heroine’s dad yet again. Shammi thilakan as Ukken Tintu tries hard to evoke laughter but fails to provide the consistency which the character demands. Manoj K Jayan who appears towards the climax steals the show for some time. But the real find of the film is the guy who played the main villain. Walking out of the balcony, we get a feel that he deserved better treatment in the end. He’s a sure promise for both Mollywood and Tollywood.

Even though the film had a running time of just 105 mins, we get a feel that this had a good prospect for a short film, but not to be taken for obtaining the space on the silver screen.

[quote]Verdict : If you have enough “Neram”, go for it.[/quote]




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  1. Copycat of German movie Run Lola Run.

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