Hotel California Malayalam Movie Review

Hotel California Malayalam Movie Review
Hotel California is a picture with a namesake title,with no substance or specific story to tell and end. This is a kind where you keep illogicality to be replaced as new logic and sit back,enjoy the innumerable characters which ties you in a hilarious mood.

Through the Characters

CIty Police Commissioner Bharath Chandran,Rich girl Kamala Nambiar who wants to get pregnant through artifical insemination from Bollywood Badshah Samath Khan and his bodyguard Harshan to handover the precious semen box,Minister Koshy and his dealing with 5G Scam Central Minister’s son Tarun Singh Deol,Mumbai Businessman Aby Mathew, his interest in serial actor Swapna Joseph, local thugs who gets information about Tarun Singh’s arrival in Kochi, plans to kidnap him. Sasi Pillai who is about to take in charge as MD of a news channel with a breaking story about Airport Jimmy, a stylish don and big time power broker, pimp.
Finally about South Indian Star Prem Sagar,his next week release Hotel California pirated print,which is brought by Rafeeq Kunju Ahamed from Dubai. Certain others characters are too involved which includes Autodriver Bavutty, Koshy’s daughter in law Linda Tharakan,Sub Collector Anu,Local pimp Anil, Location assistant Shibu etc..

Our four main leads arrive in Kochi through a fictional airplane Pushpak Airlines,and rest are settlers of Kochi. These characters and storylines intersect at different points with more than one point of intersection. A spoof on terrorism and hypocrisy,the film-makers follow a hedonistic approach to various institutions such as marriage,women’s heart.

Editing and cinematography doesnt have any unusual style,background score going wild with bump bump feeling. A song out of nowhere,with Anoop Menon’s lyrics,Shan Rahman’s good music,featuring small screen star Kavitha Nair and theater artiste Kani Kusrutti hopes to do some career boost to their artistic life.

The reason why people rushes to theatres for the film is Jayasurya’s performance and Anoop Menon penned dialogues which lights up our hearts to laugh without any formality.
Yesteryear Actor Shankar’s real comeback film of the decade.Vodafone Comedy Star Nobi’s performance as local thug aspiring to be a terrorist act, Joju George in Police Commissioner role.
[quote]Hotel California also has in its cast Late Padma shri Sukumari as playing the role of mother of Rafeeq Kunju Ahamed. [/quote]