Kuttiyum Kolum Malayalam Movie Review

Kuttiyum Kolum Malayalam Movie Review
Kuttiyum Kolum directed by Guinnes Pakru, may get another Guinness record for his efforts as the shortest director. However looks like, the film ‘Kuttiyum Kolum’  did not justice the efforts behind it. With an age old story there should be an extra care in screenplay and presentation to get the audience attention. Unfortunately Kuttiyum Kolum failed big time in doing so.

Most of the time follows as expected with occasional sparking from Pakru as the director. Film has Guinnes Pakru playing the protagonist, Ezhimala Vinayakan. Vinayakan is the richest and powerful in the place, his sheer ability and hard work earn him this respect.

He has an adopted brother Shakthi (Adithya), who is faithful to the family who given him the shelter. And he obeyed and do everything for the family as his gratitude. And there comes the entry of Indhu (Sanusha), for whom Vinayakan want to tie the knot. However some unexpected events changes their life.

From there film is all predictable, and Nelsons desperate efforts to bring in some light moments hardly helps. Looks like the scripts priority was always trying to boost the protagonist as an action hero and the dialogues too wasn’t suiting him. The lack of any twists or entertaining situations too did not help this film, really felt sorry for Guinness Pakru in his directorial debut.

On the acting front Guinness Pakru tried his best to make him a tough look as the character demanded. Adithya, Munna and Sanusha were convincing in their respective roles.

The songs by Shan Rahman are well received, could have been placed better in the story. The cinematography from Vinod Bharathi is nothing extraordinary, still serve its purpose of being justice to the mood of the film.

At the end “Kuttiyum Kolum” hampered with a mediocre screenplay and narration. Still those who likes Guinness pakru and his antics “Kuttiyum Kolum” may end up as a watchable family flick.  Hope that once Guinness Pakru became a percipient in the art of filmmaking, we can relish some great films from this shortest craftsman with a big heart.



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