Ithu Pathiramanal Malayalam Movie Review

Ithu Pathiramanal Malayalam Movie Review
Babu Janardhan has developed P.Padmarajan’s Peruvazhiyambalam’s character Prabhakaran Pillai played by Azeez in depth and lent it to the police constable’s character Shouliar played by Pradeep Rawat.This one line thinking could be a wild imagination of Theater Balcony, that should be left for asking to Babu Janardhan.

The film does have a firm footing,with the story of a child Eldo,who waits to seek revenge for the person who killed his father Johnykutty,the fate of his mother who got raped by the same person,and subsequently conceived giving birth to a daughter child.

Years passed and Eldo grows into Unni Mukundan as adult.He starts fresh his life with sea shell business along with his friend Murukan in the village of Pathiramanal, where Shouliar is from. Shouliar is in jail for another murder case,the time when the story is moving forward. Sara, the prominent sea shell business woman has initial conflicts with Eldo being an outsider, falls in love with him.She has 2 sisters and owns a tea shop for livelihood.In the meanwhile,Murukan falls in love with her younger sister.

The day of release of Shouliar happens.Their story goes for a break,Between the Hunter and Prey,with Eldo giving a hand to the drunken Shouliar and help him on his way to  home from Alapuzha town on a private boat. At this instance, we come to know that Sara is the daughter of Shouliar. It’s all Eldo’s plan in the middle to find his route to the prey.

Little past of Shouliar life is depicted. His victims before are even his neighbour’s daughter,such an animal he is.Does he has any fatherly care and attitude to his three daughters is a matter of doubt? His neighbour’s daughter after that tragedy, started her new life with a job in Dubai and married, was home for vacation.Shouliar’s disrupts her married life too,and she ropes her life in a tree.

Eldo’s plan to finish him,in a hotel fails when a set of old friends comes to meet Shouliar with a task of hiding two abkari owners,looking for a secret hiding place,to avoid conviction from law for illicit liquor tragedy.

A new set of conflicts arises in Shouliar’s house with the entry of his new guests and Murkun’s relation with his second daughter, the clashes resulting in killing of Murukan by Shouliar. Sara narrates to Eldo,how her father brought their life to nothing by killing her mother.He finds out the truth about Eldo,plans to escape him. But Eldo follows him,the last fight sequence starts in backwaters and ending near a boat jetty.

Shouliar gets killed and Sara goes to jail,and Eldo waits for the release of her,they together starts life after the jail term.

Unni Mukundan,Jayasurya, Remya Nambesan, P.Balachandran, Bhagath,Pradeep Rawat and every other actor performed very well and did a good job falling into their characters.

Babu Janardhan way of thinking should be given credit and merit,for he is a man who chooses to tell stories which has a regional trait.

Padmakumar’s Direction is good,there are many portions of film which you can feel that touch.The audience get good sink with the story,it is a thriller where story takes a turn unexpectedly,and ends with a mystery.

It’s never a loss to watch Ithu Pathiramanal if one want to experience raw film making style and story telling techniques behind screen.