Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala Malayalam Movie Review

Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala Malayalam Movie Review
Well Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala, the name and the title character of an athlete may fool us, there is hardly anything for a sport film here. The story strictly follows the same old formula, and that too not in a new bottle.

Sundar Das’ Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala did not quite bring any sportive spirit, in-spite of the crew intended to do so. While the film concentrates on Rebecca’s all family and emotional issues, hardly film focused on the theme, Sports , for which the film made quite a buzz. Even that is acceptable, if they could have told some good plot for what ever they shown on the screen. Unfortunately that too is highly predictable and not quite appealing on the screen.

I believe Ann Augustine is an artist who showed her skills quite a time before, however in Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala hardly she convinced as Rebecca, and no one  who looks at Rebecca would think that she is an athlete who won the gold medal in Asian games. V C Ashok’s script hardly offers anything to cheer about.

Well we have Rebecca played by Ann Augustine who won the Asian Games gold for India, and is expected to bring home Olympics gold medal too. However she also has to deal with the angry mother’s family, who is looking for a revenge , after her mother (Shari) married to Uthup (Saikumar) against their will. However to bring backs the relation of their families they decided to get Rebecca marry Kuruvila (Jishnu). Things get spice up with the introduction of her new coach Arjun (Siddharth), who is also happens to  be her school friend. What follows in Rebecca’s life forms the rest of the film.

Even though some of the old jokes by Suraj Venjaramoodu happens to be bringing lots relief to the proceedings, Even a drizzling can bring lots of relief in Deserts. While the performances of the actors are nothing to rave about, even the lead Ann Augustine. The only pair they looked good in the plot are Sai Kumar and Shari. Also Jishnu and Siddharth played their part convincingly.

While the director Sunder Das, did not do anything to get an appreciable film on a forgettable long script from V.C. Ashok . While the remake of song ‘Kizhakkemalayile’ looks interesting even in the new form. Music by Ratheesh Vega thus can be a hummable one. And the cinematography looked good, while there was still scope of capturing more beauty of Kizhakkemala.

[quote]Finally Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala is a hard watch, be it for a sports drama, or for some good  performances, or at least for a gripping tale. [/quote]



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