Lisammayude Veedu Malayalam Movie Review

Lisammayude Veedu Malayalam Movie Review
Lisammayude Veedu directed by Babu janardhanan is an honest sequel of 2006 hit Achanurangatha Veedu. Film tells that faith always will not be cruel to us, even after facing the worst, there will be new chances to defeat the past painful experiences. Both Meera Jasmin and national award winner Salim Kumar excels in their roles.

Lisammayude Veedu tells the story of a father Samuel (Salim Kumar) who lost his normal life following the brutal rape of her daughter. And how the public and law celebrated the sex scandle, how his family suffered during these difficult times, how he and Lisamma (Meera Jasmin) fight out this odd times forms the core of the film. Following the humiliation by both police, court and the public they moved to Kasargod from their own place Peerumedu. Samuel still lives in the memory of the horrifying incidents happens to his family, and still believe that his daughter will get the justice from the court. And Lisamma let him to live in his dreams.

Lisamma come across Sivan (Rahul Madhav), a self prejudice trade union leader. Soon Sivan gets a sympathy and love towards Lisamma, that leads to their marriage. However faith plays cruel again on Lisamma, when she lost Sivan following the political incidents. And Lisamma and her son left to struggle alone. That forced her to play some tricky play against a politician. However the old sex scandle story again came into light. Then how Lisamma fight against the new find problems forms the rest of the story. With a hopeful ending Babu Janardhanan tells that even after faith is playing all the cruel parts, it also stores some good for each one of us.

Babu janardhanan’s treatment of finding the happiness when the worst happen to a person is appreciable. Where he has a strong message which questions, how our public and the law treats such individuals, how the political violence affects a family. It also shows how will power can help someone to get back to a normal life, even when the faith is doing all the worst. The film script looks good, however the second half proved to be given a loose treatment when compared to the first half. And towards the end the film looked like a normal story, which can be easily guessed by the viewers, other wise Babu janardhanan was able to get a feel good film that brims with hope and will power.

Meera Jasmin, who disappeared for a long time from the big screen came up with a brilliant performance as Lisamma. Salim Kumar once again show case his caliber in a serious role, and we can get more meaty role from him in the future. The young actor Rahul Madhav also came up with a good performance. Rest of the actors, Jagadeesh, Shruthy Menon, V. K. Sreeraman, P Sreekumar, Sangeetha Mohan, Ranju, Preesha, all got to play their part significantly.

The songs by Vinu Thomas suits the mood, and Sinu Sidharth came up with some good visuals that suits the entire flow. Having said that the last 30 minutes or so film dragged unnecessarily.

[quote]At the end, Lisammayude Veedu is a good film which has got some real message in it. Though towards the end film looked little dragged, overall will satisfy the audience with a fast paced narration. Lisammayude Veedu brims with hope and will power.[/quote]



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