Madirasi Malayalam Movie Review

Madirasi Malayalam Movie Review
Madirasi directed by Shaji Kailas continued with his usual style, and honestly this is no different from his earlier flick. The movie questions the intelligence of the viewers through out the film. The first and foremost Madirasi has an unbelievable story that will make no sense at all.  Again the old wine in old bottle.

The movie talk about Chandran Pillai (Jayaram), a widower who lives with his Kid. And a school teacher Bhama (Meera Nandan) is all impressed with our widower. And trying to impress him all the time. And we have a long one hour hide and seek of Bhama and Chandran, who doesn’t want any one to come between him and his kid.

Then we have Chandran’s kid winning a cycle championship, and his loved father is planning to buy an all new bicycle for him.  And in no time, he along with his friend Jayapalan (Tini Tom) flew to Madirasi for the cycle. Wait a secomd this is not the Madras you are thinking about, it is a tiny village somewhere in a border of Kerala and Tamilnadu.

Well there starts all the funny and unbelievable stuffs, a cop Devaram (Vijay John) framed them in a murder case. And with the help of Maya (Meghna Raj), who initially palyed lots of pranks, decided to kidnap Devaram’s Son. And one kidnap is not enough they are deciding to abduct Tamil actress Mallika (Alpohnsa)? The story goes on…

You hardly find any genuine laughs from Madirasi. And many comedy intended to make some desperate laugh fell flat unfortunately. Thanks to some good lighter moments from Tini Tom, other wise a forgettable film. Director Shaji Kailas did not quite understand the audience taste yet. He is again and again came up with the same old formula which might have worked some long  10 to 15 years back. Written by Rajesh Jayaraman did not get it all right, with lots of not so funny moments which desperately trying to make some laugh and seeing that nothing is working will be very heart breaking. Let’s wish this aspiring writer can come up with a way better story next time.

Performance? What should I tell? if there is no stage how can we expect someone to perform?, still you want some one who performed decently then it is Tini Tom. And I am pity for an actor of Jayaram’s caliber who was a part of such a silly film. And Meera looks charming ,refreshing and to kiss the hero when ever she sees him where ever done perfectly. And Meghnaraj, who is on a high with her career, I personally wished an actor I did not want see in this film at least. And for Alphonsa we did not even know when she came and when she gone.

To the positive part the visuals by Shaji is good many places. Sujith and Satheesh’s music is okay, unfortunately that too fell in the wrong places.

[quote]There is nothing which will amuse us in Madirasi, be it some genuine laugh, story, or performances. Give it a try if you like adventures too much. Let’s honestly wish Shaji Kailas and Jayaram to come back with a great film Ginger, because we have a great director who proved himself in the past, and also an actor who got the love and respect of the family audience from years. [/quote]



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