Face 2 Face Malayalam Movie Review

Face 2 Face Malayalam Movie Review
Face 2 Face directed by V M Vinu, is a family thriller. Where first half was promised to be something big is on the way in the second half. The first half is a good suspense thriller where us the second half is a family drama. Now the question will be how many of us will accept the sudden change of these  two genres. Film starts very promisingly and the great performance from Mammootty will keep the audience engaged. The second half the entire script shift focus to the problems of nano families, and the negative part is that, the melodrama surrounding the situations are spoiling the party.

Face 2 Face talk about an angry CI Balachandran (Mammootty), who gets lots of suspension because of his high temper. A  politician’s son is brutally murdered, and Balachndran is accused for that murder. And SP Ramdas (Siddique) took the charge of investigation, though a friend of Balan, at the end Ramdas too think that Balachandran is the man behind the murder. Balachandran trying to prove who is responsible for this murder and his innocence.

Till interval everything went right for Face 2 Face, however in the second half looks like the director desperately wanted some support from family audience, and included lots of family situations and socially relevant problems, and most of the places we feel like whether the director forgot about the main core of the film. Though the instincts were fine, the sudden change in the track is a miss-match, and all the audience will be disappointed who were expecting a cracker, after a very thrilling pre-interval scene. Also the climax too was not that great. The script by new comer Manoj Payyannoor looks promising in first half, however was a let down in second half with many unwanted situations and characters.  however the saving part in the second half is that, film able to question many social issues faced by our younger generation..

Songs by Alphonse Joseph is not too great, and looks absurd in the plot. Cinematography by Ajayan Vincent is good and same goes for editing by Samjith.

Coming to the performance Mammotty was great in the first half were he portray the angry police officer with ease. And he got some real good dialogues which is surly keep his fans happy. Siddique too came up with a brilliant performance as the SP. The four new comers Gautam, Rishikesh, Rohit and Binoy were decent performers.   Both Roma and Ragini Dwivedi got very little time, which wasn’t enough for them to show case their caliber. Rest of the casts had nothing much to do in the plot.

The real find of this movie will be the screen writer Manoj Payyannoor, who show cases the shades of a brilliant writer, and can expect some brilliant film from this aspirant writer.

“At the End Face 2 Face will be a one time watch for the performance of Mammootty in the first half, and to some socially relevant issues in the second half. Nothing extra ordinary in the plot as the second half did not live up to the expectations.”



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  1. Mammootty is a grate actor . Let us forget the facts that his movies went flop recently. Mammootty’s pert is to act and he is doing that perfect in each movies. Scripting and the directions are the key facts of movie making. More discussions and reviews required before making films. To avoid the critics write the first half and leave the rest to viewers to suggest rest.
    Need ti have script writing competition sponsored by Mammootty and Mohanlal

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