My Boss Malayalam Movie Review

My Boss Malayalam Movie Review
My Boss written and directed by Jithu Joseph is a good romantic comedy entertainer. Baring the duration the films strength is the fresh and an irresistible chemistry between Dileep and Mamtha Mohandas.  The duo sparks lot of funny, sentimental and romantic moments throughout the story.

Film talk about Manu Varma (Dileep) a distinction holder, who aspired about migrating to a foreign country. However got an IT job in Mumbai under a dominating boss Priya (Mamtha Mohandas) after 8 years. Both Manu and Priya has entirely opposite taste, the later is very strict about her work and want to spent a good life here though she spend her life in Australia. As usual the dominating boss and her employees had often very sparking situation. Similarly Priya and her assistant Manu too fight each other.  Soon a visa problem which may force her to go back to the native Australia. To avoid that Priya takes a bold decision that Manu should be acted as her husband. Since no other way out Manu agrees to do so and both went to Kerala to meet Manu’s parents. Then wahat happens to their drama, relation and the Visa forms the rest of the comedy filled yet predictable story.The film plot looks similar to ‘The Proposal’, a 2009 Hollywood movie directed by Anne Fletcher. However there is more in Jithu joseph’s My Boss than just comparing these too.

Jithu Joseph’ direction and script is appreciable, who earlier directed Mummy and Me did a good job with light heated comedy My Boss too. The second half which involves the clash between the two and also with their family is appealing. At the end after some initial cliches, film will be a good watch with some good comedy moments whenever viewers tend to lose their interest and that keep going till the end. Cinematography by Anil Nair and some appealing music from M Jayachandran and Sejo John will keep us engaged. However we should expect editor Saajan to do little more crisp editing as the duration is almost 2 hour 45 minutes.

Coming to the performance Dileep once again gave a superb performance with a great comedy timings. Mamtha continued her good performance in My Boss too as a dominating boss. The Dileep – Mamtha combo did the magic for My Boss, their chemistry is one of the key success of this movie. Kalabhavan shajon as an office staff too come up with a good work, and he proved that a good role can showcase the good talent of an actor. Dileep – Shajon combo made some good comedies in the first half. Rest of the cast too supported the entire proceeding where Sai Kumar as the father of Dileep did deserve a special mention, same goes for Mukesh too.

[quote]At the end  though some of the situations logic is questionable, with a good chemistry by leads and some sparking performances along with some hilarious situations, Jithu Joseph’ s My Boss will be a nice watch.  [/quote]



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