Banking Hours 10 to 4 Malayalam Movie Review

Banking Hours 10 to 4 Malayalam Movie Review
Banking Hours 10 to 4 directed by K Madhu is a suspense thriller, which could have made wonders if little more pace with a polished script. However the new screenwriters and director did succeed to bring in a suspense filled story, which will make the audience keep guessing for the culprit.

As we expected from K Madhu, we have an investigation story which told in the back drop of a bank. Banking Hours 10 to 4 telling a story of Limo Bank in a span of one business day, from 10 to 4. As usual we have the bank starts at 10 o clock, and we might get some clues that a robbery is being planed by a group. Just before 11 am an outrage keep the bank in complete darkness. With in short span some unexpected incidents to make a murder  Then we have a group of police officers starts the investigation, and they wanted to finish the investigation well before the business day ends at 4 as the killer is still inside the premise. The rest of the story focus on how the investigation goes on.

Films start pretty shakily, and the story trying to concentrate on the personal lives of some of the characters present in the bank, however never made any attempt to go deeper. It looks a while the story finished introducing each characters and their lives and relation with some of the other in the bank. Till then movie is very shaky and we have no clue whats going on, soon after that we have some real incidents and some good suspense filled situations unfolded. Thus second half ended up as an entertaining one compared to the former, which can be termed as a total let down by some intermediate flashbacks to reveal the identity of each personals.

Coming to the performance front we can just say that nothing more nothing less. Since too many characters, each have very limited opportunity to excel in their job. Still Anoop Menon done a good job, however some tedious dialogues spoiled the party. For Meghna Raj there was nothing much to do rather than be there in a police uniform. Kailash, Ashookan too done an appreciable job. Rest of the cast too tried their part convincingly.

coming to the technical aspect K Madhu’s direction can’t be termed as his best, though came up with a watchable flick. The duo Sumesh and Amal in their first screenplay, tried lot and struggled with dialogues and unwanted situations in the first half. However they did able to get the movie going in the second half by connecting all the bits and pieces together. At the end they did able to succeed in their first attempt baring the initial clichés in the first half.  More than that the suspense factor kept alive till a good climax. Rajamani comes up with an adequate music for a movie which has no songs. Saloo George’s cinematography and Mohanan’s editing supported the movie well. Salu K George’s art direction too need a special mention. Rest of the technical crew come up with adequate support.

At the end Banking Hours 10 to 4 can be a watchable investigation thriller, if we can pass on the first half and forget about some questionable logic.



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