Husbands In Goa Malayalam Movie Review

Husbands In Goa Malayalam Movie Review
Husbands In Goa, directed by Saji Surendran and written by Krishna Poojapura will entertain the audience in parts, as the movie does’t have any credible story line. However if the motive is to make the audience laugh, surly Husbands In Goa has lots off places it does get to its goal.

Husbands in Goa tells the story of three husbands,an advocate Jerry Thomas (Indrajith), a charted accountant Govind (Jayasurya) and an Interior designer Arun (Asif Ali), all fled to Goa from their torturing wives for some free time.  During their journey they happen to meet another person, a film cinematographer Sunny(Lal) who also fled from his wife Annie (Praveena). Together they get a crazy time in Goa, and things got changed all of  a sudden when their wives ( Teena (Rima Kallingal), Abhirami (Bhama), Veena (Ramya Nambeesan))  too made a surprise visit to Goa.

A honest performance from the leads and a good support from Praveena, Sarayu, Kalabhavan Mani, Innocent, Suraj, Divya,and rest of the cast will make this film a decent watch. Krishna Poojapura’s story got the audience to use their intelligence as much as less as possible. Really nothing in the story line. He did make some good comedies and fun filled situation, however all in the expense of a credible story line and common logic. Coming to direction the first half Saji Surendran did evoke a decent story and narration style. When coming to the second half we can see a director who desperately want to end the film, however not sure how? The climax is the best example of that question. Even then if you want a comparison with his earlier flicks, this one will be his best. Even better than Happy husbands.

The technical part of the film is above average. The songs and back ground score by MG Sreekumar, will not create any buzz except for a good remake of yesteryear hit “Pichaka Poo”. Visuals from Anil Nair, often able to provide some good and great visuals of Goa. Editing by Manoj too seems to be Okay.

[quote]At the end, Husbands In Goa can be a real crazy ride, if we use our intelligence as less as possible, well more over this is’t a police story or a crime thriller to use our brain[/quote]



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