Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam Malayalam Movie Review

Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam malayalam movie review
Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam, written and directed by Jose Chalissery, is a painful journey for both its actors and audience. After spending two hours for a movie, we will think why did I watch this? why actors like Sreenivasan, Nedumudi Venu, Innocent, Nivin pauly waste their time on this? And this is one of the shakiest film, when Malayalam films are getting back to the same glory once they were proud of.

The film talk about a school teacher Madavan Kutty (Sreenivasan) in a remote village called Vattanthira. He is far away from his homw, where he has his wife (Rajasri) and two kids. A robbery happened in Vatanthira, and the Panchayath President (Nedumudi Venu) and police inspector (Innocent) asks Madavan Kutty to be the witness for the Roberry, which is simply he is not aware of. At this point we might think this is all about a robbery, then we are wrong. After the interval we don’t even find anyone even talking the matter ??? An afraid school teacher Madavan Kutty run away from there. Post interval we got a new incident, a rape, yes you heard it rightly. And again they try to create new suspense for this new incident. At the end the film did able to help the audience think deep about what is really happening around them?

Its very hard to see the entire actors be it Sreenivasan, Nedumudi Venu,  Innocent, Iniya, Rajasri, and Nivin Pauly who had a dream movie with Thattathin Marayathu, just wasted in this movie. If not enough we had enough of double meaning comedies from an actor like Innocent. And some of the jokes meant to be hilarious went horribly wrong and pathetic. The entire performance was just average for a film which has just buffooneries no characters.

Coming to the technical part too there was nothing to be praised about be it cinematography, editing or even the music.

[quote]At the end this film not only made a joke of itself but also the cast and crew and even the audience itself[/quote]



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