Ozhimuri Malayalam Movie Review

Ozhimuri Malayalam Movie Review
Ozhimuri directed by Madupal added one more gem to the best of Malayalam films in 2012. With an intelligent and flawless script, the director Madupal, got a dream movie with Ozhimuri, which offers audience, the satisfaction of watching an amazing tale spanning across three generations. Surley once in a while we get this kind of movie  which will take us to another magical world.

Ozhimuri (Divorce) starts with a court issue between Thanu Pillai (Lal) and his wife Meenakshi Amma (Mallika), where Meenakshi seeking for a divorce from Thanu Pillai. And we have Bala (Bhavana) as the lawyer, who is quite surprised why at very old age Meenakshi wants a divorce. Then she happened to meet the son of  Tahnu and Meenakshi, through him she is understanding the struggles between the two.

Thanu Pillai’s mother Kali Pillai (Swetha Menon) was lived in Travancore, where women used to rule the Family and men. She married to Sivan Pillai (Lal), a local Villian, and soon Sivan found his belongings outside the house, reminding him that he is out of that home. Kali continued her life with his only childThanu Pillai, and insisted her daughter in law should be like her. However Meenakshi was’t Kali. Thanu’s revenge for his father was on Meenakshi’s face. And with those beatings he believed that he is not like his father.

For son Sareth (Asif Ali), his father’s doings are not explainable. He remembers only the beating his mother got from his father. Whether Sareth will become a man like his father Thanu or he will do justice to his thoughts forms the rest of the story.

The film has full of contradictions, two women they entirely opposite to each other. Two father son relation, one sorrow about his father and doing the wrong things to his wife, another angry about his father who is beating up his mother.

The casting of the movie is the key of the film where each character given their career best performances. Lal once again got a character to prove what a talented actor he is, with three different looks and generation he lived like both Thanu and Sivan Pillai. Easily the best performance of the year. And Swetha as Kali shows the fire and fury of a women, and she keep on grabbing challenging roles. Mallika, who got a special mention in 2012 national award for her role in Byari, surly bettered her performance as Meenakshi. Very Much pleased to see Asif Ali in a very distinct look in a very promising movie, both Asif and Bhavana did justice to their role and can be proud to be a part of a good movie. Jagades

Jayamohan’s script is one of the best of recent times, and the way he handled three generations in a multinarrative way deserves a special mention. madupal can be proud to get such a brilliant script and actors who are ready to give their best. At the end Madupal too given a good direction for a rare film which got almost everything right. BGM and Music from Bijibal truly suit the mood and helped film to get the much-needed feel. Azhagappan will not disappoint with his amazing frames.

[quote]At the end a daring script with a brilliant direction and fine performances, Ozhimuri is the one movie, which we cannot afford to miss[/quote]



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