Eecha Malayalam Movie Review

Eecha Malayalam Movie Review

One Word :

Eecha  (Dubbed from Telugu – Eaga)the latest offering from the director of Magadhera (Dubbed in Malayalam as Dheera), Eacha is a winner in the sense the theme the director told. You can’t expect the hero to be a fly (Eecha), however in this film Eecha is a super star.

Rajamouli.S.S is one of the most intelligent director in Telugu, comes up with another superb movie after Magadhera (Dheera), here too he given much import ants to the special effects and the theme.

The film starts with a good love story, however when hero dies, we might wonder where this story is going. However then comes the real super hero Eecha. Eecha is the reborn of our earlier hero, and it remembers its previous birth and the bad incident happened to him and his lover. Here the Eacha decides to take revenge on the Villian. And how it proceeds forms the rest of the story.

As seen in the last couple of dubbed movie, Dheera, Arya, Arundhathi, here too the team had taken dubbing very carefully. Coming to the technical part the story and the screenplay does’t have any new story when we here first, Romance and Revenge. However introducing Eacha as the hero director Rajamouli brings lot of imagination into the story, and adding to that the cinematography, special effects and editing too helped the move big time. Film stars Nani and Samatha in the lead, and Sudeep as anti hero.

No doubt this movie is gonna be a blockbuster in Telugu. However I really doubt the timing of the movie’s release in Kerala. Because two recent Malayalam releases Thattathin Marayathu and Ustad Hotel are ruling the theaters.

Last Word:

The film will turn out to be a good team work, and here the Eecha is the real super star, and this Eecha will not disappoint us. Watch out for many surprises like the one just before the interval.

Rating : 3 / 5



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