Arike Malayalam Movie Review

Arike Malayalam Movie Review

One Word:

Shyamaprasad continues his creation of amazing films with ‘Arike’ too. Where the film was not that serious compared to his past movies. He taken a simple yet appealing story and presented it in the most simpler way it can be told. The movie’s casting is one other reason that make this simple tale a good watch.

Shymaprasad always known for making films with high quality with serious stuffs. Here too the film is high quality however the film is not that serious. The incidents may not be convincing hundred percentage, yet with some real characters he came up with a movie that can be enjoyed thoroughly.

Film talks about three people with different visions about their life and their relations with each other. Film has a language researcher Shanthanu (Dileep), who is in love with his past student Kalpana (Samvrutha Sunil), who hails from a rich family. And there is a common friend for both, Anuradha (Mamta Mohandas), who act as a Meghadooth between the two lovers, she even help Kalpana to write love letters and arrange their meeting places.  She believes that they will be the last lovers in this world because of some unforgettable bad incidents with her love affair. Shathanu, decides to marry Kalpana secretly. However some unexpected event changes their plans. That will form the rest of the story.

The director did have a great vision to make this film a true love story, with a very real looking characters. The screenplay is interesting most of the times, however it too has little avoidable parts in it. Yet Arike has that element which will make the audience to believe that, this one film is hard to miss.

Dileep as usual did his role convincingly, and he was apt as the struggling lover. Samvrutha Sunil continued her un-machable performance, that she is delivering in the last couple of years. However if you ask me the real show stealer of the movie, it is Mata Mohandas. She was the perfect actor to give that character the right amount of life. That is why the casting of this movie was the first plus point of this movie. Vineeth too come up with a good work with his special role. Then we have a character Guru and a much important role acted very convincingly. Rest of the cast gave ample support to the lead actors.

The cinematography by Azhagappan is great and the Ousappachan once again produced some unforgettable melodies, where Mamta Mohandas got one of that gem, and she sung that with ease. Other technical aspect too was good, and helped the film in total. The live sound recording was good and best suited for Mamta’s voice.

At the end film has the feel that we may not get from the usual films, It has some amazing acting skills, and shyamaprasad succeeded to gift a simple, yet elegant movie with all the right ingredients…

Last Word

Arike has an interesting plot, which told amazingly as simple as possible. Adding to that a great performance by the lead actors will make this film an engaging watch.

Rating : 3.25 / 5




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