Cobra Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

Cobra Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

One Word :

Cobra is a fine mix of some good comedy, good direction, simple story, romance, fine action and some good emotional scenes… To sum up,Cobra might end up as a good entertaining movie to celebrate this festival.

Lal is known for a director, who will make interesting films from a very simple story, Here in Cobra as well, he repeated the same with the help of a great actor Mammootty in the lead… With the technical aspect of the film is top notch, the film can be rated as one of the good watch. Yet the film lacks the charisma and the fun, the Lal able to provide with his last few films.

The plus point of this movie is Mammootty,who back with his recent successful win formula, Comedy, And he did another splendid job with his highly convincing comedies.

Plot :

It is the Story of two brothers, Raja(Mammootty) and Kari (Lal),they are famous with their nick name Cobra. They like anything starts with Co. Then they went to Kottayam for buying a land, and their the find the two twins, PadmaPriya and Kaniha and decided to marry them. Some suspense, emotions and hilarious moments will form the rest of the movie…

Performance :

Mammootty : Megastar is back with a splendid performance, where his comedy timing was top notch, and he did not disappoint with his latest win formula – Comedy. And he is given a film to celebrate for both his well wishers and fans.

Lal : This talented actor –  director, had continued his good performance and given amble support to Mammootty. The lead pair combinations were the highlights of the film.

Lalu Alex : A very good performance from him and comedies were good.

Kaniha nad Padmapriya : Did their best with their respective roles

Salim Kumar and Manian pilla Raju: Did good job as the twin assistants …

The rest of the cast done  their job decently, good to see Babu Antony is getting some nice roles.

Behind The Camera :

Director : Lal, Cobra is again a Lal’s trade mark movie, his direction and narrative was good.

Screen Play : Lal again proved, how he can turn a simple thread into an interesting film.

Camera : Venu, did an amazing job with his camera, and was too good in Climax scenes..

Music : Alex Paul have got some nice music, however I doubt, whether the song is choreographed well…

Editing : V sajan‘s editing was another highlight of the film, does’t seem to be dragging  !!

Final Word : 

Cobra is a movie, which belongs to director Lal, with his amazing style of execution. With a comedy filled first half and little serious second half film will be  a good catch for this festival season. Though the climax is good, we might expect a better one, and again this may not be the best film from Lal… The success of the movie is that it is not just brainless comedies, it has some nice mixture of all the ingredients, which helps to pull audience of all types.

Do I wanna go for it? What a question ? After a long time we got a movie to rock with our Mammookka .

Rating : 3 / 5



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  1. STARukal orupadau varum BUT SURYANUM CHANDRANUM oronne ULLU

  2. Eda panna thenndi mammotty fans enthu koppu kanditta ee filimine pukazhathunne, Pinne ee theater balcony 3/5 koduthathu, angerude ella previous movikkum ee site koothara padamenna paranje. Mammunni chvenda ennu karuthi koduthathavanam !!

  3. ethano padam poyi chavan para direct cheytha lalinenkilum nallathupole abhinayichoode very utter flop movie ithil ninnum kollam vyapari

  4. itz a good movie…Good Entertainment ….very Good performence From Mr.Mammooty

    Lal u Rocks .

  5. It is nt come up to the level which i had expected..they could hav done it far better ..lacks of script,they both are very talented but still its a good attempt by our Mammokka and all rounder Lal.. Mammokka danced well and others also hav done good job.

  6. I love both superstars and youngsters..but let me tel something about this movie n mammukka…

    Dance ariyilla…pakshe dance cheythe adangoo….Comedy athrakku vazhangilla….ennaal pinne comedy cheythittu thanne karyam….!!! ee vazhikkaanu kurachu kaalamayi Malayalathinte megastar aalochikkunnath…. Vadakkan veeragathayum vaalsalyavum New-delhiyum okke namukku thanna Mahaanadanodu oru vaakk… Thaankalude nilayum vilayum thaankal swayam nasippikkukayanu.. ithrayum senior aaya oru nadan aayittum oru script vaayichu nookkiyal athil thanikk cheyyavunna enthenkilum undo ennu nokkanulla saamanya bodham polum thaankal kaanikkunnilla ennnath valare sankdam thanne… Suraj venjaramoodo Jayasuryayo okke cheyyenda role thaankale pole oraal cheyyunnath…athum ithu pole nilavaaram kuranja scriptil…!! mammukka..angaye snehikkunna malayalalikalude kshamaye iniyenkilum ingane pareekshikkaathirikkoo….anyway Forget the past..all the best for upcoming movies…

  7. ee padavum nallathanennu parayunna janangale eantha vilikkuka?r they blind?shocked.such a waste movie…mammukka stop cheyyenda time kazinju.

  8. thuruppu gulanum thommanum makkalum annanthanbiyumokke hitanenkil enthukondu cobra flopayi ؟ preashaka jana lakshangle nanny ningalkku vivaram vachallo orichiri vivaram mammu mandhabudhikalkku kodukkane……..

    • poda panjavalathi mone nari

  9. cobrakku parudhintte avstha ini thapaneye koodi engne sahikkum kuzyilekku kaluvakkumboya avntte oru comedy

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  10. kaznja 2 varshathinullil irangya etavum nalla comedy flm …n overall its a good entertainer…only if u want find mistakes…there wl be…like n every film.

    • paavam.blind aano?

  11. yes….iam supporting u……its a nice opi nion/…………………mayamohini is a good film than this…..

  12. best actor and best director ROCKS……………….

  13. padam pratheekshaykoth uyarnilla kandirangiyal orupad chothyangal manassilundakum mammu double engane vannu
    ara avare mattiyath
    enthinu vendi matti
    hospital potti therikan karanam
    aaran aa gundakal
    orupad chothyam manassilundakum
    kandal ningalkum thonnum

  14. first partil enthanukanikkunnathu

  15. Angane mammootyude 8 amathe continuos flop.ella padavum potti.king2 enthokkeyayirunnu,pottipoyilleeee………

    • Eda mone poyi vallathum patick, mammoottiyude padam pottiya kanakkedukkanda ! Malayalamulladatholam kalam orkkunna dharalam padangal adheham samfavana cheythittundu. 8 padam pottiyennu nee paranjallo oru nirmathavum parayilla mone dinesaaa

  16. Angane mammootyude 8 amathe continuos flop

  17. Cobra:good movie i liked except the only initial collections.bad reviews from viewers.padam flopayi another flop from mammookka

  18. super movie

  19. koora

  20. i wasted my money, utter flop; i expcted very lot, bcoz lal-mammu combination alwys hv minimum guarntee, bt this ……….climax very bore, 2 or 3 cmdy scenes are good ,
    overall- flop

  21. This is not super hit.

  22. lalappante kure kooothara fansukaaar polli ennu paranju nadakkunnu lalappnte padam vijakkathae vattayi nadakkunnathinulla pradikaaramanu ithennannu cinemalokathe laartha

  23. padam average………….mammukka chali vit…………..lal super………

  24. maamunniyude adutha floop

  25. mamutyude comedy aru boor padam thereee pooraaa adhyam padam pooyi kanooo yennit abiprayam parayooooo

  26. I just wasted my 60 rs. by watching this crap. Guys it’s just a waste of money and time.Comedy was not good. The film was a big disappointment as I expected a lot.

  27. nice film… ………… best film in the year 2012

    • kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…kooothara padammmmm………………..

  28. lalappante koothara fans onnorkkuka adyam padam kanuka then comment cheyyuka ok ee padam means ikkayudecobra 2012 le ikkayude 2nd megahit aanu sure suuuuuuupeer duuuuper film ugran kidilan thakarppan lal your great thx thank u very much malayala cinemayil mammookka ye vellan oru lalappanum, rajappanum illa he is an amazing and excellent actor thararajavinu orayiram nandi…….mammookka u r great…..

    • Nee lallapane enthu venamengilum paranjoo
      pakshe PRITHVIRAJine thottu kalikanda

      • thanks joe,i love u,what u said is really right

    • mammooty teernnu,he is over,mammootyude time kayinju,ennem elle padavum pottum,vayassayi poyi

  29. SUCH A LOSER! WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR SO FAR. I wonder how Mammooty n Lal nod for such a poor script. Is it just money they look for?

    The comedu numbers tried are very low class. We will have to think whether we should laugh or not.

    I pity the script writer, and other creative crew behind this. And those who stated that the movie is awesome, no comments on your taste guys… I am sorry.

  30. nalla padam…a nice festive entertainer…huge comeback by mammootty..

    • Hoo…ente ponnuooo…sammathichu… thaankalude kalaabodhathinu munnil njan namichu….!!

      • pinne ninte christian brothers aakum etavum nalla padam

  31. Again flop,money waste ,time waste etc………..

    • it as agood entertainer blockbuster 2012
      mammootty lal combo thakarthu

      • ente mone namukke kanammm goood entertainer…. 2 weeks ayikkottte…..goood koooothara padammmm

      • thakartu-producer takarnnu

    • jaisum nikhilu cinema kanathe mohalal fansinte alayittanu post chithathu laline grand master oru disasterakum kode hindi tezzum appozhekkum cobra oru blokbuster akum

      • athe…blockbustre mathramalla…loka cinema kanda ithihaasamavum apozhekkum…. koora padam kandu kaasu poya aalkkaaru kelkkanda…blockbuster ….!!!

    • cobra two day housefull in all theater collection 2 cror ithine thakarkkan mayamohinikkum kazhiyilla karanam cobra theateril ethi 2 divasam ayappol mayamohiniyude collectin kuranju athu kondu thanne ee festivel chithram oru block buster akum no dout as my theaterikkal expieriance

    • podaa…its a good entertainer…poyi tharathil kalkkedaaa..

  32. its a waste movie.
    ikka.. sahathaapam thonnunnu..
    iniyenkilum inganeyulla koora padangalil act cheyyaruth.
    shame on u lal sir.
    bad direction,story and script.

  33. superb movie….. padam kaanatha irrachikalude abhipraayam veruthe nokkaruthu…. ugran paddam… good commedy first half superb, second half ok, 100% entertainer…. climax alpam koodi nanaayal kollamaairunnu……

  34. Poi chathoodae

  35. This film only like “LOVE IN SINGAPORE”.mammookka ,you are the legend of Indiam cinema.Three times you are got national award for best actor,No doubt you are No.1 of malayalam film,please don’t act this type of below average film, shame mammookka……………,Now you are 2 suggestion 1.stop acting and rest your life 2. selective your character., -your big fan


    • padam sooooooooooooopppppper………………..
      Thanku very much lal

    • avante oru lal myran

  37. nalla padam…pakshe…onnum koodi nannakkamayirunnu

  38. itz a good movie……. I like it……… Dn’t miss it…

  39. nigalodu ulla vikshasam nashtapettuu

  40. One weekinullil ippol ulla a class theotersil ninnum cobra maatum.

  41. Below average.kandumadutha vits.suspesum illa.doublerole avasyamilayirunu.climax is veri bad.pettanu teerthu.salimkumarinte otta vit etilla.2 harihar nagar eduthapol toniya ishtam.gosthouseiloode kuranjangilum ithu kandathode veruth poyi.ordinari,mayamohini,rajamanikyam,iee films aayi compare cheyan nanamaville..

  42. i watch the movie. i expected lot from lal.unfortunately it disappointed me. dear mammooty sir we are expecting a good charactor from you .dont act in bad films like cobra. film is below of luck for the next films.

  43. mammootty sir- thangal ingane poyal pazhaya kalam avarthikkum,thankalodullka ishtam kondu parayatte,thangal iniyengilum inganeyulla koothara padathil abhinayikkaruthu (vitharanavum cheyyaruthu) director lal sir- ithrayum mahanaya oru acterinte date kittiyittu ithe poleyulla thallipoli padam edukkaruthu please,thangal buddimananu athelle cinema vitharanathinu edukkanjathu,cobra A BIG FLOAPPPPPPP………………………………………………….. mammoottiye ishtapedunna oru sadaranakkaran……………………………….

  44. all the people expect something from a good director like lal.never do this type of below average film.mammootty is a fine actor.don’t do this type of joker roles.all the directors are trying to end up this great actor’s talent.sincerely,this film is very very bad.

  45. Cobra is good movie mr sagar u said that it is the 8th continious flop but itz not bcoz king and commisioner is not a flop movie .

    • It was a big flop.

  46. I am a big Fan of Mr Lal,oru film maker enna nilayil valare kaalam munpu malayalam film industry’l thante kazhivu theliyichitulla person aanu,anganeyulla oral mammootye polulla senior figurineyoke vachu oru project cheyumbol,theerchayayum enne polulla malayalikal kurachenkilum pratheekshayode aayirikum theateril ethunnathu,atleast avare orupaadu entertain cheyyanonnum pattiyillenkilum,avare thakarkaruthu,dhayavu cheythu inganathe type film boaring aano malayalikku kooduthal thonikuka ennu koode chinthikanam Lal sir.its my Review(Fans dont feel bad,pleas).

  47. i have to say the film disappointed.a lot of expectations was there. the film tries to evoke laughter in the first half with some oneliners and counters by lead actors but none of them clicked with audience. not even laughter in the theater.comedy failed to deliver. second half and climax just ordinry. overall disappointed. mamty danced well. thats the only good thing about the film.

  48. Cobra good film,but when compared with mayamohini.,,dileep’s film is better

  49. good entertainer…..will be a superhit…!


  51. padam supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…lal lot of thnkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  52. Mammootty’s best moview after Rajamanikyam!!!

    • mr. abin, paleri manikyam and pranchiettan.. did u see these two films?.. u r compairing cobra with rajamanikam? feel bad for ur knowledge about movie

  53. gud movie mammookkaaaa and lal supr
    supr storyyyyyyyy……………supr hittttttttttttt……….mammoottyyyyy rockzzzzzzzzz

  54. Koothara padam. Floppannane oru floppum koodi

    • da casanova pottiyatiteveedanaya manassilaayi,visamikkeda,adutha grandmasterum potti kazhiyumbol poornamaayi


  55. Opened to good reviews. Other reviews also mentioned as a good entertainer,much better than mayamohini,didn’t have overdose comedy.

  56. superb entertainer

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  58. nalla movie, oru pakshe mammootty comedy role cheyyumbol valare nannavunnundu.. Ithanu ee sitile ore oru review, mammoottye support cheyyunnathu…

  59. Great Movie :) better than Maya Mohini :)

  60. Flop film

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