Mayamohini Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

Mayamohini Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

One Word :

Mayamohini is a film, which belongs to the great actor Dileep. With much talked movie, Mayamohini, he delivers one of the verity and outstanding performance that every actor love to  do!! Mayamohini is a non stop fun film, though story line could have been better with little more sense and content.

Mayamohini, directed by Jose Thomas , where Dileep plays a women called Mayamohini. More than the story the Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas tried injecting fun as much as possible. And because Dileep is in full form and Biju Menon and Baburaj continued there recent good form, the film will not disappoint.

Plot :

Vadakkedathu Tharavaadu, an ancestral home is where the story is revolving around. Appumama, played by Unnikrishnan Namboodiri, is the eldest member of the tharavaad. He is a bachelor and lives for the well being of his cousin Balakrishnan (Biju Menon). Bala Krishnan is so innocent that anyone can cheat him. Lakshmi Narayanan (Babu Raj), an advocate, who is almost ten years elder to Balakrishnan is his close friend. On Lakshmi Narayanan’s encouragement and support, Balakrishnan starts a business. But astrologers earlier predicted that Balakrisnan will not be successful in business. His business began to shatter one by one.

At this point an astrologer says that if Balakrishnan marries a woman born with Chothi nakshatram (star), he will have success in life. Both Lakshmi Narayanan and Balakrishnan start searching for a woman born with Chothi nakshatram. After a lot of effort they meet a beautiful woman born with Chothi nakshatram named Mayamohini (Dileep). What happens next is a roller coaster fun ride laced with a bit of suspense.

Where Dileep due to certain unavoidable circumstances dresses up as Mayamohini, a Mumbai girl. He continues to be Maya, with whom Biju Menon falls in love without understanding her real identity.

Performance :

Dileep : After his much appreciated verity roles in Kunjikunan, Chanthupottu, he came up with another outstanding performance in Mayamohini, where he got back the result of his all hardworking as an outstanding female role as mayamohini. He portray the female character with such an ease, we even thinks that apart from him no one else should have been better. Most of the time Dileep did justice to his female character.

Biju Menon : Outstanding performance once again from him, and looks like he is at his career peak, and will continue to grab some great roles.

Baburaj : As usual amazing performance and he was the show stealer in the first half. His combination scenes with biju menon where superb.

Sphadikam George :He deserves a special mention, and with limited scenes his performance is much appreciated, and he was too good in the climax.

Another actor who deserve a special mention is Abu Salim, and rest of the cast including the leading actresses Lakshmi rai and Mythili, did not have much to do.

Behind The Camera :

Director : Jose Thomas, direction was good, however we can expect more from him.

Screen Play : Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas did succeed with their fun-filled screen play, however content wise I doubt that. The story could have been much more better and the suspense is easily predictable.

Camera : Anil Nair, was good with his camera, however not an extra ordinary.

Music : Berny-Ignatius songs are just average, one of the song reminds Dileep’s previous movie Karyasthan’s song. However Dileep’s performances in these songs were superb, And some of the songs in the movie could have been easily be droped.

Editing : Sajan , good one , though a crisp editing should have been much better for Mayamohini.

Final Word : 

In-spite of the lack of some great story, mayamohini scored with some amazing performances and some hilarious comedy. Though most of the comedy has double meaning, since the female role is played by a male actor, it can be enjoyed to some extent.

Do I wanna go for it? A movie only to laugh, without thinking much about story and other stuffs, and definitely this will end up as one of the good comedy movie in the recent times. And 3 cheers to an actor, who gives his best shot for making a female role, an outstanding one!!

Rating : 3 / 5

Song : 

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  1. such a worst movie .

  2. Vulgar Movie….Every 1 has put in their efforts but this movie is simply a dileep directed movie to boost himself as a super power hero…..Not Atall a Family Movie………..Really bad, Comedy is fine but Vulgar Comedy to high extend is really irritating and how will be a situation of a parent with kids around in the theater….Only like is the beginning of the movie whr they show each technicians photo along with their names involved in this movie….

  3. When we compare to other movies in malayalam like king & commissioner, casinova etc Mayamohni is worth for the money we paid ,

  4. ******* movie….

  5. editor name wrong

    • Thanks Aniyan Kunju :)

  6. Dileep looks like a h#$%…bloody crap. Y do such movies keep getting made? Blame it on the people who watch n promote such senseless crap…& high time idiots like Udaykrishna & Siby K stopped writing for films & start doing sm othr wrk…

  7. Mohanlal alla, mamooty alla, dileep anu tharam. Superstar janapriyanayakan dileep rox!!!!!

  8. Super film ,went wrong I n the 2 half

  9. i just too like the movie super movie

  10. WASTE MOVIE…!!!

  11. not bad

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  14. Shit movie

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